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Concert of Basilio Momako 2021
I met Basilio Momako one night when I was wandering through the deserted streets of Düsseldorf after the opening. Basilio is a bandurist of Ukrainian and Italian origin and plays and sings folklore music. I know pretty much nothing about him. Not why he is travelling, not with whom, not for how long. Our encounter was a coincidence, I listened to him as long as he was willing to play and then we talked. He said that he liked to sing so late because the city is silent. In September 2021, it was still just beautiful music played by a beautiful person. Now in the context of the war in Ukraine, this music resonates with even greater intensity. A language, a grammar, a music, a nation. We recently had an exchange on telegram, he is in Napoli at the moment. I would like to edit a version of the concert with subtitles and a translation of the lyrics.