Even if we could make Paris -> New York
in 2 minutes, people would still be late ...
Faits & Gestes
Andrea Marcellier
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Arose is arose is arose

Exhibition text 2021
By the entrance, next to the floor plan there were two texts. One is an introduction to the work of Florian Moldan whose pieces revolve around the fountain. The other gathers my thoughts on art as a way to say goodbye. As follows: It is a curious thing in the end, to dedicate. After spending a long time working on one‘s own thoughts, perhaps the only possible consequence is to dispossess it. Give it away. If I would ever have to write the first page after a blank page I would say: To my mother. Or maybe to „Her name“ because I thought you may feel the same. To you reader, thank you for coming empty handed. I don‘t finish a poem, but abandon it. To ...